Security Policy

Information Security

We take the security of our customers very seriously: both in our products and in the design of our websites.

Use of Javascript

This website uses Javascript for some aspects of its presentation and operation. Javascript can be used to create compelling user experiences. It can also be used to steal private information or take control of your computer. We take care to not include Javascript where it is not needed and we carefully review the third parties that we allow to load Javascript on our sites.

If you are concerned about the security risks of using Javascript, you can disable Javascript and whitelist sites only you trust. This site loads Javascript from the following domains: - our primary website and services domain.

We create four cookies that track your use of the website. These cookies allow us to see which pages you visit and where you spend the most time. We use this information to help us improve our website content. These are session cookies, which means they are automatically deleted when you exit your browser.

Web Beacons and FLASH Cookies

This website uses neither of these. We respect the security and privacy of our visitors.

October 1, 2014