Our Approach

We have a plan to provide earthquake warning wherever earthquake hazards exist.
Ring of Fire
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Worldwide Earthquake Hazards

Earthquake hazards threaten communities around the world, particularly on the Ring of FireDescribes the borders of the Pacific Ocean. 90% of the world's earthquakes and 75% of the world's volcanoes are here.. 90% of the earthquakes occur on the Ring of Fire. 75% of the world's volcanoes are located on the Ring of Fire. 22 of the largest 25 eruptions in the past 12,000 years occured on the Ring of Fire. This is where earthquake warning is most needed.

SWS EWS pyramid of protection
Scaling from City to Country

Our system can provide protection for a campus, city, region, state, and even a country. It scales from the smallest to the largest while providing the best protection available anywhere.

QuakeGuard Network overview
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Adapting to the Local Situation

The key to our performance is the design of our seismic sensor stations which can operate autonomously as well as cooperatively. This allows the system to adapt to local requirements and hazards. It also allows the system to respond to failures in power and communications and continue to provide earthquake warning services.

Many countries have advanced infrastructure, but many do not. Our earthquake warning system is designed to operate well and be cost effective in all regions.

Our first deployments are in California. Other regions will follow.