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Earthquake Warning from Seismic Warning Systems

Living in Earthquake Country

The West Coast of the United States is earthquake country. We build our buildings, bridges, and businesses to withstand severe shaking. We develop disaster plans, run training programs, and conduct drills. And we wait and hope we've done enough.

Taking the Next Step in Preparation

Advances in science and technology now make it possible to take the next step. Rather than waiting to take what the earthquake dishes out, we can now get a warning that will shut down sensitive equipment to avoid damage and alert people so they can protect themselves.

Welcome to the world of earthquake warning.

Who We Are

We are a private company providing commercial earthquake warning products and services to schools, hospitals, businesses, fire and police stations, and others since 2001.

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Our Products

Network Earthquake Warning Service

Our Network Earthquake Warning Service, or NEWS, sends earthquake information via the Internet to devices that automatically control equipment, alert people, and prevent fires. There are no sensors to install; the warning comes from the QuakeGuard Sensor Network.

QuakeGuard Standalone

The standalone QuakeGuard provides protection for a single facility or small campus. It has two sensors that are mounted on the foundation. When an earthquake starts, the QuakeGuard estimates the level of shaking that will occur, and takes actions to protect people and property.

How Well Does It Work?

Our products have protected customers by controlling equipment and alerting people in many earthquakes during the last 18 years including:

San Simeon 2003, Alum Rock 2007, El Major Cucapah 2010, South Napa 2014

South Napa

A 6.0 earthquake occurred in American Canyon on August 24, 2014, mid way between Napa and Vallejo, California. Fire stations in Vallejo were protected with QuakeGuards from Seismic Warning Systems. This was real earthquake warning in action, not a test or demonstration.

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Public Partnering for Sustainable Protection

We are partners with local and regional governments to provide earthquake warning to public schools, fire and police stations, hospitals, water utilities, and other critical facilities.

The Science and Technology Behind Our Products

Our earthquake warning system is capable of providing protection even for locations at or near the epicenter. This is especially important for California cities which are mostly located on top of dangerous faults.

Earthquake Warning in Depth