How To Use EQW

Here are a few examples of how to use our earthquake warning products to protect people and property.
SCADA valve control diagram
Controlling Valves

Valves can be closed to prevent spills and loss of valuable or dangerous materials. Closing gas valves can prevent fires.

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Many industrial valves are controlled with a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. QuakeGuard Appliances are capable of operating as SCADA RTUs and can communicate using serial or LAN protocols.

SCADA valve control diagram

Valves dedicated to for earthquake warning applications can be directly controlled by a QuakeGuard Appliance. Status information can be provided via SNMP or a hardwired status signal for monitoring.

Direct valve control diagram
Direct valve control diagram
Door Control

One of the more common applications of earthquake warning is opening fire station equipment bay doors before the shaking can jam them.

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QuakeGuard Appliances can interface with door controllers to cause doors to open.

Direct valve control diagram

QuakeGuard Appliances can interface directly with the door mechanisms when no door controller is present.

Direct valve control diagram
Audio alert diagram
Audible Alert

Nearly every installation includes an audio alert to warning people to drop, cover, and hold on. The audio message includes alert tones and an action reminder message.

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A QuakeGuard Appliance can interface with line-level audio amplifiers to drive multiple speakers in a facility. This may be an existing public address system or may be installed expressly for earthquake warning.

Audio alert with amplifier diagram

A QuakeGuard Appliance can drive a single speaker for alerting in a small space or when no existing public address system exists.

Audio alert with speaker diagram