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We have been providing earthquake warning products and services since 2000 to schools, hospitals, offices, fire stations, and others. We're working to bring earthquake warning to everyone in California.
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Corporate Overview

Since 2000, we have been developing, manufacturing and selling QuakeGuard™ products and services, which provide warning of earthquakes to commercial, residential, industrial and government customers. QuakeGuard products reduce property damage, protect equipment, and prevent injuries and loss of life:

  • Programmable audio and visual alarms prevent injuries.
  • Automated control of emergency systems, mission-critical equipment, and other systems protects assets and reduces disruption of services.

QuakeGuard products use patented sensing technology to detect and analyze P-wavesPrimary, or P, waves are the fastest moving waves produced by an earthquake and are first to arrive. They do not carry much energy and cause only slight shaking. (the non-destructive primary earthquake waves) to estimate the intensityDescribes how violently the ground shakes during an earthquake. of the earthquake so that actions can be taken before serious shaking starts.

The QuakeGuard Network is fast enough to produce a warning before serious ground motions begin, even at the epicenter. This capability has been successfully demonstrated during earthquakes at customer locations in California and most recently during the South Napa earthquake on August 24, 2014.

Customer Experience

Our customers have many years of experience with our products and services.

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We've been selling earthquake warning products for 15 years.

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QuakeGuard with sensors and GPS
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The Seismic Warning Systems Difference
  • The only system designed from the ground up for earthquake warning
  • Designed to maximize warning performance and reliability
  • The only system available with no Blind ZoneA region, centered on the epicenter, where no warning is provided before serious ground motions arrive. A few seconds of delay producing a warning can produce a Blind Zone covering 400 square miles. around the epicenter
  • No false alarms in 15 years of customer use
  • Focused on automated actions to prevent injuries and protect property
  • The only commercial system with 15 years of customer validation
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