ANZA Network Support

Scripps Pier at UCSD
Our support for the ANZA seismic network ensures the continuation of valuable research and monitoring that is essential for protecting the region from earthquake hazards.

ANZA seismicity and station locations
ANZA seismicity and station locations

Seismic Warning Systems and the ANZA Network

Seismic Warning Systems is providing funding to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a department of the University of California, San Diego, for the operation of the ANZA seismic research network.

The ANZA Seismic Network is a unique platform for real-time earthquake monitoring and research in Southern California. The Anza seismic gap remains one of the most probable sites for a moderate to major earthquake in the next few years. The ANZA network provides excellent coverage for earthquakes in the San Jacinto fault zone.

— Frank Vernon, Research Scientist, PI on the ANZA seismic network, UCSD/Scripps

Our donation to Scripps is dedicated to ANZA network operations and will help ensure this valuable seismic monitoring continues. The loss of this critical network would have hindered preparations and planning for major earthquakes in San Diego County.

Why are we doing this?

Funding for the ANZA network was previously provided by USGS, but was terminated in 2014. We will continue to actively advocate for increased public funding of pure research. This donation is a concrete step in those efforts.

We believe when the academic and private sector collaborate, great things can happen. In an era of decreasing federal funding and reliability, We feel it is our obligation to support scientific research if we expect there to continue to be future opportunities and public benefits.

What do we expect to get from this?

We are deploying an earthquake warning system in Imperial County, the Coachella Valley, and elsewhere in Southern California. These regions are threatened by the faults the ANZA network was constructed to monitor. It is in the best interests of our customers that we help ensure these faults continue to be studied and monitored.

Where will this lead?

We will collaborate closely with Scripps/ANZA as we deploy earthquake warning in the regions surrounding the ANZA network. We will be sharing data with researchers and will help expand the reach of the seismic network. This will help us provide better earthquake warning to our partners and customers.


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