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Scotts Valley, CA March 11, 2014: Today, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors approved a $250,000.00 thousand dollar award to Seismic Warning Systems, Inc. of Scotts Valley to deploy and maintain the nation's first regional earthquake warning system. This cutting edge system is the first to provide integrated solutions to protect critical infrastructure such as, schools, hospitals, and fire stations. The system for Imperial County will initially protect fire stations, hospitals, public dispatch centers and Imperial Irrigation District assets. The regional earthquake warning project was envisioned in the aftermath of the magnitude 7.2 Baja California Earthquake that struck on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2010.

Imperial County Fire Chief Tony Rouhotas spearheaded the effort to bring the next generation of earthquake early warning to Imperial County. "I am pleased Imperial County has moved forward to provide protection to our critical assets and personnel. We will be working with a team of people working together to bring the early earthquake warning system to an operational status. I’m excited to see what the future can bring to the entire region and at state levels by the implementation of this type of warning/notification system. This is a big first step, but just one of many, as I hope to build momentum along the way from notification of first responders to its expansion to other stakeholders from the state of California to our local school districts," said Chief Tony Rouhotas.

Seismic Warning System's Founder and Chief Executive Officer George E. Dickson, III is appreciative of the Board's action. Dickson said, "This is a watershed moment for our mission to protect children, critical infrastructure, and first responders from earthquakes, and it is a major milestone in our quest to transform earthquake warning notification and action throughout the world." He continued, "We strongly support the Board’s action today demonstrating effective public-private partnership approaches to Earthquake Warning and look forward to working with the County to implementing the nation’s first regional earthquake warning network."

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