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Earthquake early warning. Protecting lives and property


Aug 24, 2014. Our hearts go out to those effected and the displaced families that have had to seek shelter due to damaged homes and disrupted utilities. Our gratitude is with the local first responders, community organizations and CalOES helping to meet the needs of the families affected by this disaster.

The extensive damage inflicted is a reminder of the compounding impacts of the areaís topography and that our preparation for earthquakes needs to be focused on urban centers and AUTOMATED responses. We are pleased that our Earthquake Warning Systems deployed in Vallejo, CA were in place to assist fire fighters help ensure they were not delayed in responding.

Nations First Regional Earthquake Warning System

Apr 25, 2014. Nations first regional earthquake warning system (a public private partnership with Imperial County and Seismic Warning Systems) was launched today with state senator Ben Hueso presenting Imperial County a FEMA/state OES grant award.

ICREWS is exactly the type of public private partneship called for in Californiaís earthquake warning legislation and an example of an actually deployed robust and actionable earthquake warning system.

Earthquake Early Warning

much of the damage and injury caused by earthquakes could be prevented if early warning of a destructive earthquake were available.

QuakeGuard™ is a proven earthquake early warning system from Seismic Warning Systems, Inc. that provides an early warning through advanced, patented P-wave technology. QuakeGuard provides earthquake intelligence to commercial, industrial and government markets for seismic risk mitigation projects, new builds and seismic retrofits.

QuakeGuard is unique. It detects the early signs of an earthquake, and also provides an automated, programmable response through alerts, alarms or automated system controls. As a result, human injury, loss of life and damage to property are significantly reduced.

How Much Warning is Possible?
Click on one of the maps below to see the warning time possible with a QuakeGuard system.

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Los Angeles
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Interactive QuakeGuard Seminar
To learn more about QuakeGuard, its innovative technology, and hear from some of our satisfied customers be sure to look at the interactive seminar.

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